Welcome! Most fires could be controlled if it is discovered at the initial stage. However, more than 90% of homes in the world are not equipped with fire extinguishers for a simple reason – not many know how to operate a conventional fire extinguisher especially in a panic situation. In FLAMOFF, we aim to develop and offer the public a better option in fighting initial fires by manufacturing the user-friendly and eco-friendly throw-type fire extinguishers.


• User friendly - Older children, women and elderly can use FLAMOFF conveniently.
• Simple operation - No special training required. Simply Hold, Aim and Throw
• Compact and doesn’t utilized much space
• Maintenance free - Shelf life is 3 years
• Environmental friendly
• Affordable



Thousands of dollars is spend in beautifying and securing our home. However, what have we done to protect our home and OUR LOVED ONES from fire incidences? Don’t take chances. Protect your home with FLAMOFF. Teach your loved ones about fire safety now.

Trust FLAMOFF as your fire solutions..



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